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Developmental Editing

Sometimes a manuscript is just stuck. This is nothing to be ashamed of. The dirty little secret of scholarship past is that in-house editors used to fix manuscripts for authors as a matter of course. Like royalties and professional proofreading, developmental editing has recently become a perk reserved for only the favored few. Everyone else has to fend for themselves.

The fact is that most manuscripts need help. Developmental editing is a trade skill, more like carpentry or small-engine repair than scholarship per se. Because a good developmental editor develops her skills by wrestling with literally hundreds of manuscripts, there's no reason that you, a lone scholar, should be expected to diagnose and fix your manuscript's problems.

The Outside Reader can pull you from the quicksand. Whether you're trying to revise your dissertation, finish your trade book, or pull together a maddeningly disorganized edited volume, we can help. Believe us: no matter how bad you think your manuscript is, we've seen worse.

Email us to finish your manuscript and get on with your life.