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Your friends and colleagues keep telling you that your next book has the potential to be a breakthrough. Maybe you've published your "tenure book" and want to branch out to a wider audience, or you've stumbled on a cache of letters that has New Yorker written all over it. Agents and publishers pester you to finally write a trade book.

Sounds great, right? The problem is that most scholars have no idea how to write a popular book. Everything about academic life, from the dissertation to peer review to the culture of conferences, discourages risk-taking in writing. Big books require big claims, and a prose style to match. Truly popular books are written with a specific audience in mind, and that audience may be interested in things that never occurred to you.

We at The Outside Reader believe that crossover books are important, for authors, for readers, and the future of scholarship. We can help you identify trade topics, models, and publishers, and show you what goes in a proposal that sells. And if you've already started your dream project, we can give you the editorial edge you need to finish it.

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