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Audra J. Wolfe, the principal of The Outside Reader, has worked with hundreds of scholarly and trade authors in the sciences and humanities. We look forward to adding your feedback to this page!

“Audra made Hope possible by having faith in an unknown author. I am forever grateful, as I am for her knowledge, skill, professionalism, and laughter. So if you want to get a book done, from proposal to chapter outline through fine editing, Audra is tops. And you may even enjoy what is otherwise a pretty grueling process.”
Robert K. Musil, former executive director of Physicians for Social Responsibility and author of Hope for a Heated Planet: How Americans Are Fighting Global Warming and Building a Better Future
“Audra Wolfe provided the kind of astute editorial guidance that authors dream of but rarely encounter.”
Alan Rocke, Henry Eldridge Bourne Professor of History, Case Western Reserve University
“It wasn't until I discovered Audra Wolfe that I realized how helpful and encouraging an editor could be. She made me want to get started right away on the next book.”
Loyal Rue, Luther College, author of Religion Is Not About God, a CHOICE Academic Title
“I am extremely grateful to Audra Wolfe. With her expert editorial input, I was able to finish my book in time for my tenure review. She was exceptionally attentive and respons[ive] to my critical and pressing deadlines. Her polished command of English allowed me to incorporate my native Spanish style into my writing, to produce a book that embodies my Spanish sensibilities and insights in a straightforward English narrative. I believe both native and non-native writers would benefit from her experienced editorial skills. I wholeheartedly recommend Audra for your professional editing needs.”
Ana Laguna, Rutgers University, Camden, author of Cervantes and the Pictorial Imagination