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Who We Are

The Outside Reader is the creation of Audra J. Wolfe, a former acquisitions editor and all-around science media gadfly. Audra holds a Ph.D. in the history and sociology of science from the University of Pennsylvania, where she still occasionally teaches courses on science and the media. By the time she had completed her degree, she had realized that life in the ivory tower was not for her. Instead, she fell head over heels for scholarly publishing. Since then, she has accumulated nearly 10 years of experience at the University of Pennsylvania Press, Rutgers University Press, and the Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF), where she established a book series with the University of Chicago Press. At CHF, she created a highly successful weekly podcast, Distillations, and learned to blog.

As the founder and principal of The Outside Reader, Audra handles most of the projects. Occasionally, however, depending on the project, she calls on the skills of a talented network of copyeditors, developmental editors, illustrators, and Web designers. Although we are comfortable taking on projects from a wide variety of disciplines, our specialties are trade science, environmental studies, public health, medical anthropology, natural history, science and technology studies, and, of course, history of science, medicine, and technology.